With double the size, second edition of BFSHOW takes place in May, in São Paulo 

With a growth of over 100% in the exhibition area, reaching 10 thousand square meters, and major brands already confirmed, the 2nd edition of BFSHOW, footwear trade fair held by the Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries (Abicalçados) in partnership with NürnbergMesse Brasil, has over 80% of its space sold out. By the first half of February, over 170 brands were already confirmed. The event, which will launch the Spring-Summer collections of Brazilian footwear manufacturers, will take place from May 21 to 23, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo/SP. 

Abicalçados' executive president, Haroldo Ferreira, highlights that, after a successful first edition in Rio Grande do Sul, BFSHOW is making its mark and preparing for a larger and better event in May. "We will have companies of all sizes and segments, which will receive over 10 thousand national and international buyers, who will come independently or through projects carried out in joint efforts between Abicalçados, NürnbergMesse Brasil, and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil)," he projects. 

According to him, the fact that the trade fair has doubled in size already in its second edition demonstrates the maturity of the proposal and the increasing engagement of Brazilian footwear manufacturers of all sizes and production centers. "We have many new companies joining BFSHOW," Ferreira celebrates. The group of exhibitors seeking to have their first experience at BFSHOW is growing, with the adherence of large companies, such as Beira Rio, Grendene, Sugar Shoes, and Petite Jolie, as well as medium and small ones like Giulia Domna, Ferricelli, Perlatto, Akazzo, Black Free, among many others (see the complete list below). 


Ferreira also highlights optimism regarding business. "Brazil is internationally recognized as one of the largest suppliers of summer footwear, which represents over 70% of the totalamount of pairs sold annually(more than 600 million out of the approximately 900 million pairs produced). We are a reference for the world, and this will certainly be reflected in sales during BFSHOW," he comments. In the first edition of the show, last November, over US$65 million (R$315 million at the time's exchange rate) were sold, solely for exports. 

Privileged Location 

João Paulo Picolo, CEO of NürnbergMesse Brasil, emphasizes the importance of the location of the second edition of BFSHOW. "Hosting the event in São Paulo, the largest city and main business hub of Latin America, with all the amenities of a complete infrastructure with a wide and qualified network of restaurants, bars, and cultural options, favors the visitation of buyers from all over Brazil and the world," evaluates Picolo, highlighting that the city is situated in one of the main global airport hubs. 

The Transamerica Expo Center is one of the most modern exhibition spaces in Latin America. It is located close to São Paulo's public transportation network and 12 km from Congonhas Airport and 42 km from Guarulhos International Airport. 

The following brands are already confirmed for the 2nd edition of BFSHOW: Actvitta, ADG Export, Adrun, Aéropostale, Akazzo, Alex Senne, Amaia Brasil, Amanda Amaral, Amora Maria, Anatomic Gel, Andacco, Anna Flor, Apogeu, Aramis, Ayura, Ayê, Azaleia, B/Green, Barbie, Batatinha, Bebecê, Beira Rio, Bibi, BKR, Black Free, Blitzz, Boaonda, Bottero, Box 200, BR Sport, BTA, By Brava, Byara, Camin, Campesi, Carrano, Cartago, Classe Couro, Colcci, Coca Cola Shoes, Colorê, Comfortflex, Confort Way, Corinthians, Crato, Cravo & Canela, Crep, Cromic, Dakota, Data System, Dem-bas, Democrata, Di Valentini, Diadora, Diversão, Euro Soccer, Ferracini, Ferricelli, Fiocco, Flor Amor, Florence, Fofioro, Freeway, Frizzante, Giovanna Fashion, Giulia Domna, GLK, Gogowear, Grendene Kids, Grendha, Guilhermina, Hello Kitty, Improviso, Ipanema, Itapuã, Izalu, K360, Kidy, Killana, Klin, Kolosh, Kolway, Krisle, La Fitty, Levecomfort, Leveterapia, Lorena Fernandes, LPS, Luma Luz, Lynd, Manchester, Manutt, Marina Carvalho, Mary Jane, Mezzo Punto, Minecraft, Mississipi, Modare Ultraconforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Mormaii, Mr. Dias, Nadia Talita, Nautica, Nesk, New Face, One Flip, Opananken Antistress, Ortopasso, Oxn Futebol, Pampili, Pampili Mini, Patrus Transportes, Pegada, Perlatto, Petite Jolie, Piccadilly, Pimpolho, Pink Cats, Plugt, Polo Go, Power Sport, Rainha, Ramarim, Randall, Raquel Dias, Rayon, Rep-Play, Rider, Rubro, Sandili, Savelli, Scatamacchia, Serenitx, Serenity, Shelter, Slink Kids, Sophia Almeida, Start Flex, Street, Strike, Sugar Shoes, SVL Footwear, Talita Dias, Tanara, Topper, Torrenezzi, Tree Shoes, Trilha da Lua, Tweenie, Usaflex, Via Marte, Via Uno, Via Vip, Viccini, Villarosa, Villione, Vip Star, Vizzano, Voices, Vorax, Vulcabras, Walk Way, West Coast, Wini Peg, Wirth, World Colors, Zareia e Zaxy. 

Registration for the first edition of BFSHOW is open on the website  

About Abicalçados 

Abicalçados represents the Brazilian footwear industry, fifth largest in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Founded in 1983, Abicalçados is based in Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, and its members are companies of all sizes accounting for more than 65 percent of the footwear produced in the country. The entity represents an industry that employs more than 300,000 people. Its mission is to represent, defend, develop, and promote Brazil’s footwear industry with respect, excellency, and results. 

About the organizers 

NürnbergMesse Brasil is a subsidiary of the NürnbergMesse Group, one of the 15 largest fair organizers in the world. The group’s portfolio includes more than 120 international fairs and congresses (14 of them in Brazil) and more than 40 pavilions. Every year, more than 30,000 expositors and more than 1,5 million visitors meet in events hosted by NürnbergMesse, which also has subsidiaries in China, United States, Brazil, Greece, Italy, and India, The group also established a network with sone 50 representatives operating in more than 116 countries.