In Porto Alegre, BFSHOW's first edition moves the footwear sector 

The first edition of the Brazilian Footwear Show - BFSHOW, a fair held by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) and organized by NürnbergMesse Brasil between November 21st and 23rd, at the FIERGS Exhibition & Convention Centre, in Porto Alegre/Brazil, will move the Brazilian footwear sector. With 138 footwear brands from all segments, niches and footwear poles in Brazil, 124 of them exclusive to the event, the fair should receive more than 10 thousand visitors, including at least 150 importers from 30 countries.  

The fair, which promises to transform the business model of trade shows in Brazil, was organized in accordance with the main event trends in the world. Who is at the forefront of the process is promoter NürnbergMesse Brasil, a subsidiary of the German NürnbergMesse Group, one of the 15 largest international event organizing companies in the world. Among the differentials of BFSHOW is the segmented visitation experience. In a pavilion with more than 14 thousand square meters, the brands will be distributed by segment and niche. In addition, the show will feature fashion content, through presentation of materials for the footwear industry launched at INSPIRAMAIS and the dissemination of the trend research of Fashion Directions, a studio located in Milan / Italy that brings trends' content in women's, men's and children's shoes, bags and accessories in the form of a guide to guide purchases. 


The first edition of BFSHOW, in addition to buyers from the main consumer centers of the country, will receive significant visitation from importers. Partnering with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), Abicalçados and NürnbergMesse Brasil enabled the presence of more than 150 buyers from 100 international groups from 30 countries. They are importers from all continents, which were chosen together with exhibitors, taking into account the potential for purchases and pulverization. In addition to these, other importers will come on their own to the event. 

Buyers from Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ecuador, Guatemala, Reunion Islands, Kuwait, Libya, Mozambique, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United States, Tanzania and Uruguay are confirmed at BFSHOW. 

In addition to buyers, Brazilian Footwear, a program carried out by Abicalçados in partnership with ApexBrasil, will bring seven journalists and five international influencers to Brazil. Guests from Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Italy come to Porto Alegre through the Imagem and influencers projects.   


Among BFSHOW's ESG initiatives are the commitment to recycling and reuse of materials used in the assembly and organization of the exhibition, which will be controlled, managed, reused in future events, or sent correctly for recycling. The priority is to make the least possible impact on the environment. In addition, the organization of garbage for visitors is also carried out to raise awareness and support the separation of waste. 

BFSHOW will also have content and exhibition to demonstrate in a practical way the sustainability applied in the Brazilian footwear sector. In the Sustainability Arena, visitors will be able to check out two spaces. One of them is the Sustainable Origin, where the ESG certification for the footwear production chain and its certified companies will be presented. The other space is BFSHOW - Sustainable Footwear, which will feature an exhibition of ten exhibiting companies that will present their footwear models made from sustainable materials. 


FSHOW is a fair held by Abicalçados, organized by NürnbergMesse Brasil and sponsored by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae). The official partnership is the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil). The support is from the unions of the footwear industries of Rio Grande do Sul, Bahia, Paraíba, Estância Velha, Sapiranga, Birigui, Campo Bom, Dois Irmãos, Jaú, Fortaleza, Farroupilha, Parobé, Franca, Igrejinha, Nova Serrana and Novo Hamburgo. 

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Check out the BFSHOW schedule 


9 AM - Opening of the gates  

5:30 PM - Walk with authorities at the fair 

7 PM - Closing of the gates  


9 AM - Opening of the gates 

11 AM - National and international press conference 

7 PM - Closing of the gates  


9 AM - Opening of the gates 

5 PM - Closing of the gates 

About Abicalçados 

Abicalçados represents the Brazilian footwear industry, fifth largest in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. Founded in 1983, Abicalçados is based in Novo Hamburgo, state of Rio Grande do Sul, and its members are companies of all sizes accounting for more than 65 percent of the footwear produced in the country. The entity represents an industry that employs more than 300,000 people. Its mission is to represent, defend, develop, and promote Brazil’s footwear industry with respect, excellency, and results. 

About the organizers 

NürnbergMesse Brasil is a subsidiary of the NürnbergMesse Group, one of the 15 largest fair organizers in the world. The group’s portfolio includes more than 120 international fairs and congresses (14 of them in Brazil) and more than 40 pavilions. Every year, more than 30,000 expositors and more than 1,5 million visitors meet in events hosted by NürnbergMesse, which also has subsidiaries in China, United States, Brazil, Greece, Italy, and India, The group also established a network with sone 50 representatives operating in more than 116 countries.